The 4 G-Spots Of A Woman

Did you know you have more than one G-spot that can bring you massive amounts of sensual pleasure? If you are like most women, you didn’t. But, today we are going to explain to you where these are so you can have your partner start to learn them.


The Neck G-Spot

That spot on the back of your neck where your muscles wrap around your spine, at the base of the shoulders can bring you a great amount of pleasure. Squeezed, massages, and felt with your partner’s tongue, not only will you be ubber relaxed but, you whole body will open up to a more powerful orgasm.

The Arm G-Spot

On the outside of your arm between your shoulder and your elbow is another pleasure zone. When this area is pressed on directly and held for about ten seconds you will notice an overwhelming feeling of excitement.

The Thigh G-Spot

The exterior of the thigh can be extremely sensual. Have your partner firmly press and squeeze your outer thighs. Have them do both simultaneous for the ultimate release of pleasure.

The Foot G-Spot

This one probably doesn’t surprise you too much, especially if you have a man that is willing to give you a foot massage. Don’t forget to include this in your regular sex routine. Having him stroke the top and bottom of your feet can be sensual.


Ultimately your orgasmic state doesn’t have to come from just one g-spot. You now know that you have multiple, so be sure to include them the next time you have sex. We’ll guarantee you won’t regret it!

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