Bedroom Tips

Part of a happy and healthy sex life is keeping things fresh and exciting. The usual things are comfortable, but trying new things can increase the intensity of your sex more than you ever thought possible. Take a look at some of our best tips for keeping things fresh and exciting in the bedroom below.


How To Have Better Sex

If you sex life is getting a little stale, take a look at these great ideas on how to bring fun back!


Six Types of Orgasms

Yes, that's right. There are six types of female orgasms you should be having. Take a look!


More Sexual Self-Esteem

Find out the things you can do to become that tiger in the bedroom you wish you were.


Tighter Means Better 'O's

Find out why tighter means more pleasure for both you and him in the bedroom.


Can Sleep Make Sex Better?

It may surprise you when looking at the connection between sex and the amount of sleep you get.


Sexual Energy From Yoga

Tap into your inner sexual energy with these stimulating yoga poses.


How Do You Orgasm?

If you are like most women you tend to view your orgasm as a peak and not a state of being...


Have A Longer Orgasm!

Did you know that you can have an orgasm that last for hours? Simply follow these steps...


Why Dirty Talk Is A Must

Sexual stimulation is fun, but emotional stimulation will intensify your sex life even more.


Dirty Talk 101 For Women

Learn how you can start talking dirty to your partner with confidence.


Bedroom Food Play

Learn the do and don'ts about introducing food into your bedroom.


Foreplay Foods List

Discover the most erotic foods that will engage all your senses in the bedroom...


Your 4 G-Spots! Wait what?

We bet you didn't know that your body naturally have four g-spots. Find out what they are...


Rev Up Your Sex Life

Follow these simple tips and see your sex life rev up right before your eyes.


Spice Up His Pleasure

Must read! The best things to do to spice up your lovemaking for you man.


´╗┐Spontaneous Places To Do It´╗┐

Your sex life will never be dull again when you read these crazy places to get it on.


Something Different In Bed

It's not all toys and uniforms. There are some simple things you can do to spice things up...


What's Roleplay Sexting?

If you've never heard of this, you are missing out. Learn how to do your own roleplay sexting here.


Ever Had A Vaginal Massage?

Increase your intimacy with your partner by having them give you one of these bad boys...


What's Roleplay Sexting?

If you've never heard of this, you are missing out. Learn how to do your own roleplay sexting here.