The Best Tactics For Extending Your Orgasm

When most women think about an orgasm they think of it as a momentary state of ecstasy. When you learn how to expand your mind and control your body you can turn that momentary state, into a state of being where you linger for minutes or even hours in ecstasy.


If you haven’t already read our article about Changing Your Orgasmic Beliefs, be sure you do that first as it will give you the right mindset to follow these next steps.

Steps To Producing A Long Orgasmic State

When you employ these simple steps you will notice your orgasms not only last longer, but they will feel more intense and deeper. Remember practice makes perfect. Give these steps a good few runs and you will notice more control over your body when you reach your orgasmic state.


This is by far the most important step in this entire list. Being relaxed while you are orgasming is extremely important to remaining in that state. This is a bit hard to master at first, but through constantly telling yourself to stay relaxed you will soon notice your body starts to relax on cue without you having to try.


When you reach that peak of satisfaction it’s common for women to hold their breath. As most women tend to view orgasms as a momentary state, they hold their breath in to enjoy the moment before it passes. If you want to extend your orgasmic state you need to be able to breathe during it. Try what sort of breaths work best for you. Some women report fast mouth breathing works best for them, while others report belly breathing is their optimal state.

Make Noises

We are not talking about those thanking God moments or those do it harder moments. We are talking about opening your mouth and giving out that relieving ‘ahhh’ sound. This will help to control your breathing and keep your focused in your orgasmic state.

Get Moving

One of the most pleasurable parts of an orgasm can be moving your body with the intensity that you feel. Try moving your hips back and forth, make a circling motion, even move them up and down.


When you reach your orgasm you feel many sensations. The problem is that many women lose focus of these sensations as they let their mind drift off into worries about pleasing their partner. Stick your focus on those sensations and the more focused you are the more you will feel.


Take some time to think about how you can apply these orgasmic state tips into your own life. Try incorporating them one at a time until you master each step individually. Then combine them all together for the best orgasmic state of your life. There’s so much more to discover in the world of orgasm if you just open yourself up to the idea.

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