Black Cohosh For A Tighter Vag

Actaea Racemosa or Black Cohosh is a naturally growing perennial plant that has been proven effective at toning the vagina. Because of its high levels of phytoestrogens is allows for the firming effect of the vaginal muscles of the female body.


You will be using this in the fresh or dried root form. Black Cohosh is an herbal remedy for many health ailments. The estrogenic effect this herb has on the body makes it extremely popular for women in their late forties and older.

It works to not only tighten the vagina, but also to relieve menopausal problems and vaginal dryness. Black Cohosh can improve your vaginal health in many different ways.

You can find this at most health stores or online. It comes in dried root, capsules, and powder. Getting the powder form is going to be the easiest way for you to apply it to the vagina. This way it is topically applied instead of orally taken.

Preparation Instructions

Mix the Black Cohosh powder with water. Use this gel-like form as a vaginal wash once a day. If you can't find the powder form, you have two other options. You can get the capsule form and use the powder inside of them to create your liquid mixture.

Or you can use the dried roots. If the roots you purchase come with leaves you want to remove them. The leaves can be harmful, so throw them out. You only want to be using the dried roots. Grind these roots up into a fine powder. Mix the powder with water and make your genital wash. You should notice tightening results in a couple of weeks. Continued use will provide better long term results.

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