How Can Saffron Boost Female Libido?

saffronSaffron is produced from the saffron crocus flower. The dried stigmas inside of the flower are where the sweet flavor comes from. This natural herb is so delicate that it can only be harvested by hand.

This is the sole reason that this herb is so expensive. However, don’t worry. A small amount goes a long way in enhancing your sex drive.

How Does It Work?

Neurotransmitters that stimulate erogenous zone and sexual libido. These increase blood flow to the pelvic region, which boosts sexual desire and sensitivity during intercourse.

The use of this herb’s effectiveness has actually been dated back to the days of Cleopatra. She would bath in a saffron bath to increase her sexual desire before meeting with lovers.

How To Use It?

Saffron is available in capsules, powder, and essential oils. You can stick to simply taking capsules on a daily basis to better control how much you are ingesting.

Or you can add saffron to your favorite meals to give them a spicier taste. Lastly, some prefer to use essential oils for massaging or just as a fragrance in the bedroom.

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