Can Sleep Improve Your Sex Life?

It’s no surprise that sleep is associated with many health benefits, from living longer to boosting your immune system. But what role does sleep play in your sex life. If you are like most couples, sleep is something that hinders it. The excuse that kills that sexual desire every time!

But, today we are going to take a whole new look at what sleep can do to help boost your sexual libido and your performance between the sheets.


The Facts Don’t Lie

There was actually a study done on the correlation between sexual habits and sleeping in 2015. This study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, interviewed women about the amount of sleep they routinely got each night and their sexual desire and performance.

Those who got longer restorative periods of sleep on a nightly basis reported having higher levels of sexual desire and better sexual performance. They also reported having higher levels of vaginal lubrication when compared to those women who got little sleep each night.

If that doesn’t get your excited…

Here Are Some More Benefits You Can Gain From Sleep

More Energy

When you get enough deep restorative sleep, typically between 7 and 9 hours a night, your body rejuvenates itself. This leads to more energy during the day. Energy you can spend on your sex life.

Increased Mood

We’ve all had those nights where we got a few hours of sleep and everyone avoided us the next day because of our irritability. No one likes feeling that way. When you are angry, stressed, or just completely frustrated sex is the last thing on your mind. By ensuring you get a good night’s rest you can set the tone for your sexual experience with a boost in your overall mood.

More Hormones

While hormones may not seem like something you want to get more of, especially when thinking in terms of that time of the month, sexual hormones are important to your sexual desire. You may not know this but, women produce testosterone as well in small numbers. This testosterone plays a rule in your sexual desire. When you lack restorative sleep your body produces less of it. This leads to a decreased sex drive.

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