Exercises To Tighten Vag Lips – Labia Tightening Tricks

Are your lips starting to sag? No we aren’t talking about the ones on your gorgeous face! It’s time to take back the firmness and confidence of having those toned lips. Today we are going to share with you some of the best exercises you must be doing to firm up those lips tonight. Let’s take a look… Vagina Push-Up […]

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Pleasure Gel Specifically For Women

Has sex started to lose it’s pleasure? Have you found yourself wondering why you aren’t feeling the intensity of friction from your partner. Why you haven’t had the orgasms you used to? There are multiple reasons that women tend to experience a lack in sexual pleasure. Some of the most common are vaginal looseness and lack of natural lubrication. Regardless […]

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Should You Be Doing Vaginal Weightlifting?

What the hell are we talking about? Well, if you are new to the concept of vaginal weightlifting let us start by explaining what it is before we get into how it’s going to change your sex life forever. Vaginal weightlifting is strength training of the pelvic floor muscles (vaginal muscles) via contractions and the lifting of an object inserted […]

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Does Virginity Soap Work? Are There Side Effects?

There are many products on the market to help women tighten their vaginas to have more pleasurable sex and an exhilarating boost of self confidence. It’s likely if you have been searching through these products you have seen vaginal tightening soaps, more commonly referred to as ‘virginity soaps’. By simply using these soaps on a regular basis they promise to […]

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pussy tightening exercises

Pussy Tightening Exercises For Real Women

Let’s be honest. Overtime and after having kids you just don’t feel as tight as you used to be. Sex just doesn’t have the same pleasure as it once did, and you find it hard to reach your climax. This can start to decrease your quality of life in other areas of your life as well.If you are ready to […]

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Top Signs Of A Loose Vagina

Are you concerned that your vagina has become loose? You are definitely not alone, there are actually many women who suffer from this problem. This may not be something that you feel comfortable speaking to your doctor or your partner about. It’s likely this has made you frustrated with your sexual life and you may be confused if there is […]

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What Is Labiaplasty Surgery?

A labiaplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that is performed on the vaginal lips, or the labia. This could be on the labia major (the outer vaginal lips), the labia minor (inner vaginal lips), or both. This procedure is done to alter the size or shape of a woman’s labia. Making it smaller or correcting asymmetry are common reasons […]

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What Is Vaginoplasty Surgery?

If you feel a little loose down there you’ve probably been searching around online for solutions. You have likely come across the term ‘vaginoplasty surgery’ and are wondering exactly what this is. Well today we are going to take a closer look into what this surgery is and how it can benefit you. What Is It? A vaginoplasty is a […]

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Types Of Female Orgasms That You Must Have

When it comes to the female orgasm there are actually six different types that you can have. You’re excited now aren’t you? We were too and we are still are today! These never get old. However, we have found out in recent studies that about 10% off all sexually active women have never experienced an orgasm. Say what? Ya, that’s […]

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Does A Tighter Vagina Make Orgasms Better?

When it comes to orgasms, who doesn’t want better? You may have an extravagant sex life with a man that really knows how to pleasure you in every way. But, when someone asks ‘do you want to make it better’, let’s be honest, hell yes you do! Did you know that the tightness of your vagina can affect the intensity […]

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