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Can Aloe Vera Really Tighten My Vagina?

What Is Aloe Vera? Aloe Vera, or ‘Aloe Barbadensis Miller’ is a green plant that has been utilized in remedies for centuries. It was originally native to northern regions of African, but has spread tremendously across the world due to it’s simple ability to cultivate in the most unfriendly environments. The Aloe Vera Juice, which is what most people think […]

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Oak Gall For Vaginal Rejuvenation and Tightening

Quercus Infectoria, Manjakani, or more commonly referred to as Oak Gal is a shrub native to Asia. It has specific phytochemical contents that makes it the perfect herb for genital strengthening and health. Oak Gall naturally has anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and astringent properties. Oak Gall extract is referred to as Tannin. This is the particular substance that has been […]

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Mint Leaf Steam Bath For Vaginal Tightening

We are sure you have heard of the phrase ‘steam bath’. It may just sound soothing and beneficial to your body. Most of the time you hear them as referred to for facial cleansing. However, today we are going to talk about vaginal steam baths. Think of these steams baths as a detoxification beauty routine for your special lady parts. […]

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Pueraria Mirifica To Improve Vaginal Tightness

Anti-Aging products have been used for decades as a way to fight off the early signs of aging. However, when most women think of these products they think of facial cleansers and lotions. But, when’s the last time you though about the aging of your genitals. It’s true that as time passes our skin starts to lose some of its […]

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Indian Gooseberries For Vaginal Tightening

Most women tend to experience a loose vagina at one point of another throughout their lifetime. This happens a lot after giving birth and during the later golden years. Your vagina normally will return to its initial firm state, however when you notice that it hasn’t it may be time to seek a natural tightening agent.If you have been living […]

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Best At Home Remedies To Tighten Your Vagina Walls Quickly

A vast majority of women around the globe suffer from the agony of a stretched vagina. A sagging vagina is known to result in a number of problems such as incontinence, reduced sexual pleasure for both partners, and delayed orgasm due to reduced friction between the vagina and the penis. When a woman feels that her vagina is becoming loose, […]

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Does Using Vinegar Help To Make Your Vag Tighter?

A loose vagina sounds a lot more lax than its actual impact on any woman. It results in much lower self confidence of most women, with anxiety and even depression taking place. She tends to shy away during sex, feeling quite self-conscious and constrained from doing her best in bed. Though sex may not be what matters most in a […]

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How To Make My Vagina Tighter Naturally?

No matter how embarrassed you are, know this is a common problem many women face. Now we like to think that a healthy relationship has many components other than just sex. However, there is no getting around the fact that sex is a very important part of it! For women who feel their vagina is stretched out, or loose, this […]

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How To Tighten Your Loose Vagina After Giving Birth

How Does Childbirth Causes A Loose Vagina? During the process of natural birth, the baby passes through the cervix and out of the birth canal. The vaginal entrance stretches to accommodate the passage of the baby.After a while the vagina should contract back to the original size. Sometimes the vagina fails to contract and hence the term a loose vagina.The […]

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Top Over The Counter Vaginal Dryness And Tightening Creams

Vaginal dryness is a condition that affects women mostly in their menopause or post-menopause periods. However, inadequate vaginal lubrication can occur at any age. This condition is a characteristic sign of atrophic vaginitis, commonly referred to as vaginal atrophy, which is the thinning and inflammation of walls of the vagina caused by reduction in estrogen. An Overview of Vaginal Dryness […]

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