Why Dirty Talk Is A Must For Mind Blowing Sex

We all know that stimulating the body provides great pleasure during sex, but many forget the emotional aspect.

dirty_talk_for_better_sexBy stimulating the brain with passionate naughty words this erotic communication can turn up the intensity of your sex life like crazy.

You’ve probably heard it said before ‘the brain is the most powerful sex organ’. That’s because it’s absolutely true and those who open up their brain to this erotic communication know all to well why their brain is the source of their orgasmic pleasure.

Think About This For A Minute…

You’ve had a hard day at work, the kids were in rare form, and your head just finally hit the pillow to get some much needed rest. Sex is the last thing on your mind. But, your partner leans over and whispers dirty words into your ear and suddenly you have the sexual urge to spend all night tangled up.

The power of words is exponential when it comes to stimulating the brain for sex.

Our Brain Urns For Visualization

Have you ever noticed how much you enjoy listening to others stories. As they describe the situation your brain fires up and starts to visualize the situation. You notice these visualizations produce emotions and sensations like we are there in the moment. Our brain loves to visualize and feel.

So, adding more of an erotic twist to this can produce sexual emotions. We feel like we are experiencing what our partner is saying to use. Read these for example…

“Harder. Deeper. Don’t Stop!”

“I want to run my tongue lightly around your nipples”

You felt something reading those words. I awakened a sense of sexual pleasure in your brain. You started to image the situation and how it would feel. You visualized yourself saying those words to your partner.

Dirty talk is exciting, thrilling, and brings your sexual urges and fantasies to life.

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