Does A Tighter Vagina Make Orgasms Better?

When it comes to orgasms, who doesn’t want better? You may have an extravagant sex life with a man that really knows how to pleasure you in every way. But, when someone asks ‘do you want to make it better’, let’s be honest, hell yes you do!

Did you know that the tightness of your vagina can affect the intensity of your orgasms?

It’s common for the vagina to loosen with age and childbirth. These are both natural parts of the human experience. In fact, it may be news to you that you can tighten your vagina. And no you don’t have to have surgery. You can do this at home with the help of V-Tight Gel.

Why Is Tighter More Pleasurable?

better_orgasms_with_a_tighter_vaginaWhen it comes to sex we know that women get pleasure based off of the sensation of friction created by your partner going in and out. When the vagina becomes slackened you will not be a sensitive to his thrusts, and it may take you longer to really derive pleasure out of it.

Having a tighter vagina allows you to better grip your partner during sex and this greatly increases the sensations of your vaginal muscles. You will be able to feel frictions everytime he goes in. And so will he. Your man will not only feel like he is bigger, but he will feel as if he is penetrating you right.

There’s More To It Than Better Orgasms

While having more intense orgasms is reason enough to strive for a tighter feeling vagina, there are some other benefits you will gain from this tightness as well.

sastisfy_your_male_partner_more_during_sexLet’s start with you and your partner. By becoming tighter you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of sex more and so will he. As he sees how much more pleasure you are getting by his actions, he will gain more confidence and excitement. This can bring your intimacy even closer and increase the amount of sex you have regularly.

On a personal level, this will definitely increase the amount of pleasure you derive from sex. You will also notice a boost in your self-confidence as you see your man is getting more pleasure to. This self confidence boost in an amazing feeling that can open you up to enjoying different and new things. You will be able to love your body even more and feel sexy.

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