Exercises To Tighten Vag Lips – Labia Tightening Tricks

Are your lips starting to sag? No we aren’t talking about the ones on your gorgeous face!


It’s time to take back the firmness and confidence of having those toned lips. Today we are going to share with you some of the best exercises you must be doing to firm up those lips tonight. Let’s take a look…

Vagina Push-Up

We are going to start with the basic. No, you don’t need to get on the floor. Simply sit in a well supported chair. You want to squeeze the muscles around your labia. During this contraction you should notice your body start to lift slightly up off the chair. Relax and repeat.


To do this labia strengthening exercise you want to start by standing straight up with both of your feet firmly planted on the ground. Bend over and touch your toes. Use the vaginal muscles surround the labia to force your body back up to a standing position. Avoid using your legs, buttocks, or back to force yourself up. This one can be tricky at first, but just focus on the vaginal muscles and you will start to feel the contraction as you move your abdomen back to a standing position.

The Kegel Pickup

We kept this one for last because it’s quite challenging at first. This one will take some time and some initial toning of your labia to do. You want to grab a kegel weight or ben wa ball. You can get these online. Place the ball on the group. Squat down over the ball and use your lips to surround it. Then clench together both lips and pick the ball up as you return to a standing position.


Ladies we encourage all of you to try at least one of these labia tightening exercises. Once you start feeling the contractions and relaxations you can literally feel the toning start to work. As with all exercises practice makes perfect and consistency makes muscle.

If you are interested in using a vaginal tightening cream to feel tighter you can find out more about that here.