Expanding Your Mind For Longer Orgasms

The mind can be a powerful force, but sometimes it can ruin the way we want to feel with those preconceived notions about how things should be. When your mind starts to control the way you experience orgasms it’s time to take a reality check.

Have you ever heard yourself thinking these things when you orgasm?

“I’ve done it. Now I better help him get there too!”

“I had my orgasm. Now we are done having sex.”

“He’s so waiting for me to finish.”

Before you truly get to experience the feeling your mind kicks in and tells you that it’s time to stop.


Common Orgasm Beliefs That Women Have

Reaching Orgasm Is The Goal Of Sex

When you believe reaching your orgasm is the goal of sex your mind signals to your body that it’s over when you get there.

Orgasming Too Long Is Not Alright

The intensity of that moment can make you feel like you are losing control or it’s too much to handle. This will cause your mind to snap you out of the moment.

The I Have To Give Back Mentality

When you reach your peak you may not feel comfortable only receiving. Your brain is programmed to instantly go into the state of giving back to your partner.

An Orgasm Is A Moment Experience

Many women believe that an orgasm is a state that lasts for only a moment. You spend time building up to it, then you are there for a second, then you fall back to your normal state. They don’t know that orgasms are actually states that you can stick in for minutes or hours.orgasm_is_a_state_of_being_that_you_can_live_in_for_hours

Correcting Your Mindset Towards Orgasms

You’ve so far learned the beliefs that keep many women from experiencing the full pleasures that orgasms can have on your body. Now we are going to take a look at some of the things you can do to change those beliefs.

Orgasm – The State Of Being

You need to picture an orgasm as a state of being, not a momentary high.

All Sexual Pleasures Are Part Of The Orgasmic Experience

You should view all those little pleasures you feel during sex as mini-orgasms. All part of the bigger picture of an orgasmic state.

Orgasms Can Involve The Whole Body

An orgasm doesn’t have to be something you just experience through your genitals. Although most of the pleasure you derive come from these localized areas, allowing your whole body to let go and experience the thrill can up you up to even more pleasure than you ever thought possible.


By changing the beliefs you have about orgasms you can open your mind up to experiencing more pleasure from them. You can allow your body and mind the ability to stay in that state of ecstasy for as long as you want.

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