Experiencing Sandpaper Sex? What You Need To Know

Life after menopause comes with some challenges. Many have experienced the discomfort of repeat penetration during intercourse, now coined ‘sandpaper sex’. But, what the heck are you suppose to do about it.

In a recent study published in Menopause magazine many women took to avoiding intimacy with their partner. In fact, out of the 4000 women surveyed, more than 1200 of them said their sex life had completely stopped. That’s literally 30% of couples not having sexual intercourse after menopause!

Here’s What You Need To Know

sandpaper_sex_solutionsGiving up that intimate relationship with your partner for the rest of your life is NOT the solution. You probably already know this, but keep telling yourself it’s either massive pain or no sex at all. Stop putting those limitations on your relationships.

You have options!

First and one of the most simplest options is to incorporate the use of vaginal lubricants into your new found sex life. Lubricants may sound like something that you would never touch in a million years, however… really think about this for a moment.

Each women during sexual intercourse produces her own lubrication. This is the beauty of natural femininity at work. Embrace it! You don’t have to go for the watermelon flavored lubricant, unless that sounds exciting for you (which by all means go for it honey!).

There are many non-scented lubricants that can help you restore that natural wetness that makes sex pleasurable. If you feel embarrassed picking them up at the store there are a variety of them online that you can get shipped discreetly to your door. Don’t underestimate the power of lubricants.

Second, if you have tried lubricants without much success it’s likely that your body is lacking too much estrogen. This makes the vaginal walls thin. Speaking to your doctor about an estrogen cream, tablets, or rings is a great solution. These are also available online or at your local drug store.


Sandpaper sex doesn’t have to ruin your sex life for good. There are solutions out there that can get you back to feeling all the pleasures of sex that you have been craving.

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