Gotta-Have Bedroom Food Play

If you are looking for something to spice up your dull sex life, but not yet adventurous to try dirty talk or sexy uniforms, than food may be the answer. By incorporating the right foods into your lovemaking you can double your pleasure. Really what’s better than combining the two things in life that give you great pleasure, sex and food?

Food In The Bedroom Tips

bedroom_food_play_for_more_enjoyable_sexSweet and Light Desserts

When you are introducing foods into the bedroom it’s important to remember to keep them light and sweet. These are just to be the tasty foreplay, sex is the meal. Try fresh fruits like mangos, cherries, and strawberries. If you like the sweeter side of things try whipped cream or caramel sauce.

Use your partner’s body as your plate and remember to use your tongue. You can sensually feed each other and share your cherry with an intimate kiss. Remember not to overdo it. You don’t want to fill full, you just want a nice snack.

Aim For Erogenous Safe Zones Not The Genitals

While licking some cream off of your partner may sound like fun at first, it can create a sticky mess than can be a big turn off. Stick to above the waist erogenous zones. These include the earlobes, nipples, lips, and neck. Limit any contact with genital regions as this could cause infections and skin irritation.

Use All Of Your Senses

Bringing food into the bedroom can engage more senses than just taste. Pick foods that smell great and feel good on bare skin. Going with popsicle, frozen grapes, or even ice can make the body tingle. Also going for the hotter foods like warm honey or chocolate can be fun to. Run these foods over sensitive areas of the skin and don’t forget to use your hands to caress below the waste.

Be Creative With Your Tongue

Oral stimulation is all in the way you use your tongue with speed and pressure. When you are introducing foods into the bedroom remember you don’t just have to lick it off. You can suck on their finger and nibble on their body.

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