The Guide On How To Have Better Sex With Your Lover

When you have sex with someone new it can be exciting, scary, and pleasurable all mixed into one. Being with someone new and figure out their pleasure points is a fun journey. However, over time sex can feel like more of a have to do, than something you want to do.


You want to be close to your partner, but you just don’t get the same pleasure you did before. Don’t worry! This happens to many relationships over time. Having a great sex life is something you have to constantly work at.

Today we are going to give you some great tips on how to keep this fresh and exciting in the bedroom. We urge you to expand your mind and really visualize how you can utilize these tips in your bedroom.

Foreplay Is Important

more_foreplay_in_the_bedroomWhile it may be fun from time to time to jump right into the sweating and moaning part, don’t underestimate the power of foreplay and what it can do for you. It’s a known fact that women take longer to get aroused than men. And without some foreplay sex can be uncomfortable for the both of you.

Foreplay plays a huge rule in not only physically preparing you for sex, but also emotionally preparing you as well. Try to start your foreplay in another room of the house. Say while you are watching television or in the kitchen after dinner. Spend some time really getting to know each others body before jumping right into the bed.

New Is Good

try_new_things_in_bedSticking to the same old thing can be comfortable. But, you don’t every strive for what could be better. Introducing new things into your relationship can bring you to new heights you never even dreamed about before. This doesn’t mean you need to introduce toys, simply changing up your positions can make a drastic change in the way you both feel.

Talk to your partner and each of your brainstorm new experiments to try. Talk them over with each other and don’t be afraid to throw something on the table you might think he doesn’t want. Be open about your desires and you may be surprised that some of the fantasies you have may be his as well.

Increase Your Talk

Talk during sex brings urges more to life. Tell your partner what you are experiencing and how you feel during sex. Tell them what makes you feel good and what turns you on about them. Simply adding a little ‘dirty talk’ in to your sexual experience can give things a spicy shift into a more intense direction.

Boost Your Libido And Confidence

When you feel like the sexist woman on the planet your sex is on fire. We have all had at least one of those nights that we felt like the hottest and sexist woman in the room and the sex we had that night was amazing. Boosting your confidence is a must for having better sex.

sexual_libido_enhancing_foods_for_women_to_trySexual libido is important to any sex life. If you would rather choose sleep over being with your partner it’s an indication that you may be lacking in the libido department. Try to include more libido boosting foods in your diet. These are foods like watermelon, black raspberries, eggs, ginseng, cloves, figs, and chocolate. All of these foods can trigger your passion in the bedroom.

Another great way to improve your sexual confidence in increasing your vaginal tightness. When you feel proud of what’s down there, he can tell and it will excite him even more. Give V-Tight Gel a try to immediately enhance the tightness of your vagina for better sex.