How To Improve Your Sexual Self Esteem For Women

When we first thing of sexual confidence we may believe this lies in the sole fact of looking good naked. However, when you think deeper into the subject, it’s about more than that. Having sexual self esteem encompasses being comfortable with your own body.


Learning To Love Your Body

If you immediately thought that I have to look better naked to have self confidence it’s likely that you are not fully satisfied with the look of your own body. There is a strong correlation between being physically fit and sexual confidence.

Feeling good about what you see in the mirror is the first step in loving your body. When you are excited about how you look it makes a world of difference in how you feel. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror you can change it. Yes this takes time and commitment, but it’s completely attainable for every single woman.

Be Open With Your Partner

When there is a lack of communication in your sexual relationship it can feel like you are constantly under a large burden. If you can’t freely tell your partner what you want from sex and what you enjoying doing during sex, than you can’t be truly honest with yourself. Being honest with yourself and your partner will give you an unbelievable boost in feeling great about who you are.

Enjoy Laughing

laughing_during_sexWe all know that sometimes sex just doesn’t go how we had imagined. What we thought was going to be an intimate sexual ecstasy turned into a crashing of the kitchen table on the floor. While you may not have had to table fall, we are sure you have had some unexpected things happen during sex. Don’t let them ruin your experience.

Find the humor in those uncomfortable moments. This will not only help boost your confidence when you can handle these situations, but it will do the same for your man.

Take The Time To See What Your Partner Wants

Again, this one relies on open communication. You’ve already told your man what you like and what you want from sex. Now it’s his turn to tell you his wants. What turns him on and what he want to try. By allowing him to be honest about his needs you can better know how to please him in bed without guessing. This will do a number for your self esteem when you can truly please your man like he wants.

Don’t Let Your Insecurities Get The Best Of You

When it comes to sex it’s important to you to feel good about the way your body is. One major complaint that many women tend to have is how loose they feel their vagina is. This makes see less pleasurable for them, and many note that their man is less satisfied as well. This insecurity about your body can make it impossible to achieve self esteem in the bedroom. Tight your vagina naturally and easily with V-Tight Gel so you know that you are setting yourself and your partner up for a good time.