Is Grapeseed Oil A Good Lubricant?

Grapeseed oil is derived from natural grape seeds. This extract produces great benefits for the body as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-aging natural alternative. You’ve probably heard of this oil being used in your skin care moisturizers and shampoos.

In fact, this is a common essential oil for massages. It provides a nice glide that can help to relax muscles during a deep massage. It’s very easily absorbed into the skin giving it great nutrients.

What About Using It As A Lubricant For Sex?

As with many other essential oils, grapeseed is no different. I can be used as a natural vaginal lubricant to help increase the pleasure you derive from sex. This is an odorless and tasteless oil, so you don’t have to worry about any funky smells or how you taste. With it being all natural, you don’t need to worry about any side effects on your body.

Does It Really Work?

grapeseed_oil_for_vaginal_lubricationAs a lubricant this works great. It provides you with more lubrication to make sure sex isn’t painful and it lowers your risk of vaginal tearing. However, there are a few drawbacks to this oil.

The first is this is an oil-based substance, so it will breakdown the latex in condoms. If you typically use condoms to prevent against pregnancy and STDs, we wouldn’t recommend using this lubricant.

Secondly, many women report that this doesn’t provide adequate lubrication. Because grapeseed oil is quickly absorbed into the skin, it does give your vagina a good amount of nutrients, but it does keep it moisturized long enough.

What Are My Alternatives?

When it comes to getting a good lubricant we recommend going with a product that has been proven to work, without any unwanted drawbacks. V-Tight Gel works to give you endless lubrication during sex while also tightening your vagina in the process. Learn more about this gel here.