The Three Best Vaginal Tightening Exercises To Feel Amazing

Vaginal tightening is not something new. Women have investigated ways to make their down there region tighter for decades. Whether it is to boost their self confidence, make sex more pleasurable, or to better please their partner, women want to be tighter and today we have the solutions to help you get what you want.

Why Am I So Loose?


Feeling loose can be a result of a number of different things. There's this thing called 'aging' that none of us really want to talk about. But, it's a real thing that can transform the way you look and feel. The vagina will naturally loosen as we grow older.

Giving birth is a natural and wondrous experience as it comes along with some amazing outcomes you wouldn't trade for anything. However, it can take a toll on your down there region making you feel loose and not as sexy.

Vaginal Tightening Exercises That Work!

We figured we would spare you the time of searching for hours online trying to find something that might work. Everything we are sharing below has been tried and proven effective by real women just like you. With consistency and commitment you can tighten your vagina and start to feel like the woman you want to be again.

Let's take a look at what these firming exercises are and how you do them.

Must Do Exercise 1: Kegels

Yes, this one probably won't shock you. Everywhere you turn someone is always suggesting kegels to strength your vaginal muscles for better and more pleasurable sex. This is because they really do work. Kegels are aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles of the body.

Think of these as tightening the base of your vagina. It will not only make your muscles tighter, but it can also help to prevent incontinence and other bladder issues. This specific exercise is a win-win situation all around for your health. So how do you do them?

Let's take a look at this short video below as it will be easier to understand by seeing it in action.

Must Do Exercise 2: Squats

Squats have been an exercise from what seems like the dawn of time. The build up of strength and agility has made it widely popular to this day. These are great to do to strengthen those pelvic floor muscles. In addition, these firm up your buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

Making sure you are doing these correctly is the key to their success. If you don't do them right it could cause serious injuries. So follow the easy video below to fully understand how to do them properly so they benefit you the most.

Must Do Exercise 3: Vaginal Cones, Weights, and Ben Wa Balls (Love Balls)

Vaginal cones, weights, and ben wa balls all work in typically the same manner. You will start by inserting the cones or ball into the vagina. The idea is to workout the pelvic floor muscles by holding these inserts in place. Think of these as barbells for your vagina. As you strengthen your muscles you can continue to upgrade in weights and strengthen them more. Be sure to watch this quick video below explaining just how these work.

How Long Til I See Results?

As with any other form of exercise results vary from person to person. You don't go to the gym once and walk out with a six pack. You have to put in the work and consistent dedication for these methods to work. Most women report feeling tighter during sex within about fifteen to twenty days when they practice daily exercises.

For some this may seem like an eternity. In the fast past world we live in, trying to find time to exercise isn't always the most vital part of our day. We urge you to truly sit down and schedule out some time. If tightening your vagina is important to you, you can always find time.

If you would like to get a instantly tighter feeling tonight you can use V-Tight Gel. This is an all natural vaginal tightening cream that works in minutes to firm your vaginal muscles. This gel works great to give you that tightness feeling you want as you are making love with your partner.

By combining the use of V-Tight Gel and these exercises you can get amazing results, regain your confidence, make your partner more sexual satisfied, and improve your overall happiness in your intimate relationship.