Types Of Female Orgasms That You Must Have

When it comes to the female orgasm there are actually six different types that you can have. You’re excited now aren’t you? We were too and we are still are today! These never get old. However, we have found out in recent studies that about 10% off all sexually active women have never experienced an orgasm. Say what?


Ya, that’s right 10%. For those of you who have that may seem crazy. How can you go without having at least one during sex? Well for those of you who have never had one and for those of you who want to know how to have all of them, we are going to share the secrets will you today.

The Six Different Types Of Female Orgasms

Clitoral Orgasm

This one is by far the most common, for two reasons. It’s easy to achieve, and you can get reach this one by yourself. This orgasm is achieved through constant stimulation of the clitoris. This stimulation can be done by the penis head, the tongue, the finger, or an array of sex toys. Keep constant stimulation until you reach our orgasm. This one is pretty simple, but extremely intense.

Vaginal Orgasm

You are going to need your partner for this one. This heightened state is achieved by stimulating the G-Spot. Women tend to conclude that this is one of the most pleasurable orgasms they experience. And some even reach the state of female ejaculation (squirting) and others can have multiple orgasms.

Squirting Orgasm

This is again a result of the vaginal orgasm, just more intensified. By constant stimulation of the G-Spot not only will some women experience that vaginal orgasm, but they will ejaculate female lubricant which creates a chain reaction of an additional orgasm. This one is a bit more tricky than the first two to achieve, but is well worth the work.

Anal Orgasm

While this one may not be for everyone, we due urge you to broaden your scope and give it a good try. This doesn’t have to be achieved through penetration. Rather this orgasm is possible by doing two things simultaneous. While massaging the G-Spot you want to also stimulate the anus with a finger or tongue. This dual stimulation triggers what is known as an anal orgasm.

Nipple Orgasm

We all know that our nipples become very sensitive and sensual during sex. However, our partners tend to forget they are there after a while. Talk to your partner and have them rhythmically stimulate both of your nipples. If done the right way this can bring you to orgasm everytime. It’s recommended to attempt this orgasm before penetration as your nipples will be more sensitive during this arousal period.

Multiple Orgasms

While this is not just one particular type of orgasm, we figured this was to be dully mentioned in this section. Know that you know the variety of orgasms you can have and how to achieve them, it’s time to combine them together. While it’s possible to achieve multiple orgasms via one method, such as vaginal penetration, you can evoke more pleasure by having orgasm by different methods.


So there you have the six different types of orgasms that you have to experience. If you haven’t had all of these yet, it’s time to! Speak to your man about how to bring you to orgasm with these different methods. He will be willing to learn anything that will bring you to climax. And if you are feeling a little self-conscious about the looseness of your vagina interfering with your ability to reach orgasm, simply use V-Tight Gel to get you tighter.