Vaginal Lifting With Cone Weights And Kegels


We all are familiar with hitting the gym to enhance the strength and power of our muscles. By using dumbbells, barbells, free weights, and kettle bells we can tone the look of your body. The same should apply to your vagina. Just because this is an intimate part of the body, doesn't mean it shouldn't be exercised like other muscles groups in our bodies.

Vaginal cone weights are a great way to strengthen these sexual muscles. Now these vaginal workouts are not just for better sex, although they definitely will give you that! These are prescribed by doctors to treat urinary incontinence, leakage, and can help to prevent your bladder from ever weakening and causing these medical conditions in the first place.

How To Use Vag Cones?

There are a few different ways you can workout with these weights. The first we are going to discuss is just using the weights solely. Most of these vaginal cone weights come in a multi-pack where you get a few different weight levels. If you have never used these weights before we highly suggest you start wit the lightest one in the bunch.


Insert the cone deep into the vagina. You want to use your pelvic floor muscles to keep the cone in place for about a minute. This is all why you are in the standing position. If you find it easy to hold this cone inside the vagina for a minute, you should increase the weight to the next one in the box.

Continue to increase the weight of your cone until you find it difficult to hold it inside the vagina for a minute. This will give you the right weight you need to workout with. It's recommended to use the cone in a standing or walking position about two times each day. Your goal should be to hold the cone in for around ten minutes.

When you find yourself holding the cone in for at least ten minutes for a week, than it's time to increase the weight of your vaginal cone. These cones in are available in different weights. You should start with the lightest options and then go back to purchase the heavier versions once your body indicates it's ready to workout with them.

Incorporating Kegels With Cones

Vaginal cones are very effective when incorporated with kegel exercises. This creates a dual phase approach that allows for more tightening to happen faster than just one program alone. If you are not sure how to do kegel exercises, we suggest you take a look at our Ultimate Guide To Kegels to get a better understanding.

We recommend performing a set of ten kegels about three times a day with your chosen weight. As time progresses you will notice a more toned vagina, and can increase the weight and sets of kegels you perform to strengthen the muscles even more.