Vaginal Rejuvenation And Tightening With Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel or more formally known in the medical world as Hamamelis Virginiana, is a plant packed full of phytoestrogen, phenols and tannin. Tannin is extremely important when it comes to tightening any skin. It works to constrict the body's tissues and increase blood flow in that area. This is what is referred to as an astringent property.


The best part is that Witch Hazel works within just a few short minutes after application to the skin. This will make you feel tighter than ever before.

The phytoestrogens present inside of this natural herb have similar effects of estrogen steroids. This works to rejuvenate the female body.

Phenols are the last major contributor to vaginal tightening with Witch Hazel. These are tiny molecules that help to better carry and allow for bodily tissues to better absorb the phytoestrogen and tannin. This means that it assists the body in tightening faster.


You want to find Witch Hazel Powder. If you can't find this, than you can use Witch Hazel bark. You will just need to grind the bark into a fine powder substance. Mix the ground powder with water to make an herbal solution. You want to apply this to the vagina about once a week. This will allow you to feel tighter within a month or two.

More easily, but less potent are Witch Hazel body washes. You can find these at your local drug store or online. You want to apply the wash to your genitals about once or twice each week. This will help to firm the skin and produce more resilient skin cells throughout the body. ​

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If you are looking for a quicker solution to get a tighter feeling vagina within minutes we suggest you check out V-tight Gel. This all natural vaginal tightening product contains Witch Hazel with other complementary ingredients to provide and instant tightening effect.​