Will Alum Powder Tighten My Vagina For Good?

Alum powder is commonly used in many vaginal tightening products. So this means that it works to tighten the vagina, right?


The truth is that Alum Powder mixed with a water like substance can temporarily tighten the vagina. However, the tightening effect lasts for only about thirty minutes. If you are looking for a quick fix for one night of pleasure this may be a good option for you.

However, there is another problem with using Alum Powder as a vaginal tightening agent. The consistent use of this substance can in the long run cause vaginal irritation and infection. So you need to be using it moderately to avoid these unwanted side effects.

Ways To Use Alum Powder

The most used way to Alum Powder is with vaginal douching. You can buy over the counter vaginal douching mixes. Many don't initially come with Alum in them. Simply adding a teaspoon to the already prepared mixture will work fine.

There are many over the counter vaginal tightening products that contain Alum. These include V-Firm, Crystal X, and Acao. You can find these products readily available online. However, we do warn you to only use them every now and then.

Long Term Use

As we shared above, using Alum consistently over a lengthy period can cause unwanted side effects. These include vaginal dryness, vaginal infections, and scarring.

v-tight cream

If you are looking for a long term tightening option than we suggest V-Tight Gel. This will allow you to use the product consistently to firm the vaginal muscles without risky any unwanted side effects.